haute couture for rebels

In the heart of our vibrant city, tucked away like a glittering treasure, lies Brain Candy Ink – where sass, style, and sustainability collide to give you wearable masterpieces that'll make you do a double take. Brain Candy Ink, the brainchild of the fearless artist Kristen Pestrichelli, hailing from sunny Florida (now shaking things up in Asheville, NC), is your ticket to fashion with a side of attitude. With a flair for the dramatic, a commitment to eco-friendliness, and an aesthetic that screams "take me to the next music festival," Brain Candy Ink is your go-to spot for a wardrobe that won't apologize for stealing the show. Buckle up, darlings; it's time for a whirlwind tour of this kaleidoscopic world where threads have names and style knows no boundaries.

Kristen – The Queen of Quirk

Meet Kristen, the reigning queen of quirk and the mastermind behind Brain Candy Ink. Hailing from the land of sun and surf, she's made her mark in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her madcap vision. A Floridian by origin but a true Asheville resident at heart, Kristen's passion for art, sustainability, and electronic music festivals has conspired to give birth to Brain Candy Ink. Her motto? "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

And she's not alone in this adventure. Meet her partner in crime, Taylor, the marketing maven and artist manager extraordinaire. Kristen's artistic genius is matched only by Taylor's business savvy and unwavering support.

Sustainable Sass

At Brain Candy Ink, they don't just preach sustainability; they live it, honey. Kristen and her sidekick Taylor are on a mission to rescue discarded textiles and turn them into show-stopping fashion statements. It's eco-friendliness with a side of sparkle. With every piece crafted, they're not just reducing waste – they're making the world a little more fabulous, one stitch at a time.

Patchwork Pizzazz

Prepare to be dazzled because patchwork at Brain Candy Ink is like a burst of confetti at a party. Original designs that go from mind-blowing mandalas to out-of-this-world constellations. Each piece is a sassy statement, a wink, and a nod to the unconventional. The stitching is so meticulous you'd think it's haute couture for rebels.

Screen-Printed Showstoppers

But wait, there's more! Brain Candy Ink offers screen-printed apparel that's basically a love letter to the electronic music festival scene. Trippy visuals, sacred geometry – they've got it all. These pieces aren't just clothes; they're your backstage pass to fashion stardom. Wear them and watch the world turn into your runway.

For the Sassiest Nomads

Brain Candy Ink is all about the festival nomads – the wild souls who dance like nobody's watching, appreciate psychedelic art, and wear their tattoos as badges of honor. These clothes are your canvas for self-expression. Be you, be bold, and wear it like you mean it. Whether you're grooving to the beat, exploring art installations, or just soaking up the vibes, Brain Candy Ink is your partner in crime.

Where Sass Meets Style

Ready to inject some sass into your wardrobe? Brain Candy Ink's studio, located in the heart of downtown Asheville, is a secret oasis of fabulousness. But if you prefer shopping in your PJs, their website is a virtual treasure trove. Detailed product descriptions? Check. Secure checkout? Check. Sass? Double check.


Brain Candy Ink isn't just a clothing brand; it's a sassy rebellion against the mundane. For those who dare to be different, love all things psychedelic, and refuse to apologize for their sass, Brain Candy Ink is your tribe. Step into their world, let your freak flag fly, and wear your attitude with pride. Join the movement – wear your art, wear your story, and slay it, darling!
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